IBZ Pink Strawberry

What is IBZ Pink Strawberry ?

Producers of liqueurs and spirits for more than 130 years, Familia Mari Mayans started researching and trying out different combinations of plants, fruits and aromatic herbs around 2010 for its own Premium Gin recipe. It had to be a 100% Ibizan flavour in a high quality and attractive screen printed bottle.

Familia Mari Mayans is very familiar with gin. Indeed, it has been making it for more than 50 years. The idea was to step into the limelight of the gin boom that had taken off some years before.

So, after numerous tastings and tests the right balance was found and IBZ Pink Strawberry was launched in 2020.

Premium distilled gin obtained by combining juniper berries, strawberries and citrus fruits. Variety of IBZ, fruity taste, soft and refreshing Keeping our essence and Ibizan character

Elaborada y embotellada en Ibiza


Artisan distilling
since 1880

The purest grain alcohol is used to distil juniper berries in copper stills. A bunch of thyme leaves is added alongside fresh rosemary and citrus peels to obtain a distinctive Mediterranean Ibizan flavour that is unique to the plants of Ibiza.

The entire process from selecting the plants and fruits to distilling and bottling is carried out in the Familia Mari Mayans Distillery, located in Ibiza -Montecristo. The artisan process is verified and scrupulously reviewed by the distillery's quality department


Carrer des Pou de na Maciana
Sant Antoni de Portmany
07820 Ibiza • Islas Baleares
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+34 971 103 574